18 luglio 2010

Delicious strawberry and yogurt glasses ENG

I've heard that strawberries are good for health, but I use them often because I love them! Present recipe is very easy, I created it at last minute for one romantic supper.

For 4 persons:

500gr of strawberry;
4 spoons of sugar;
50ml of
creme de cassis;
300gr of naural yogurt;

Wash strawberries and dry them. If you wish to serve them on a plate leave some pieces for decoration.
Squeeze strawberries using one fork and obtaining this way succulent mixture, add sugar and half portion of creme de cassis. Mix well and distribute obtained mixture into the chosen glasses. Now put yogurt onto trying to lay in center so that two lays are well visible, then spray the rest of creme de cassis and... GOOD APPETITE!!!

I dedicate this english version of recipe to my friend Lena.

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